I Asked A Lady To Watch me Wank On Whatsapp Sexchat

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Lady Alma is a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. Knowing this, I asked this lady is she wouldn’t mind watching me wank on Whatsapp; live like, on the cam2cam thing. I didn’t want her to do anything to herself, just watch me. Normally I asked the girls to masturbate for me but this time I just wanted her to watch. I knew there were women in to watching men wank so thought I’d just ask the question. She agreed, and, she loved it! She especially loved it when I ejaculated, she couldn’t hide her satisfying smile. I could tell that she felt like a naughty girl, ashamed of herself for getting off on watching a complete stranger¬† have a cheeky wank in front of her. Continue reading “I Asked A Lady To Watch me Wank On Whatsapp Sexchat”